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Saturday, February 24, 2018

What is a Reiki Practice?

In light of my upcoming Reiki class I thought a post was in order to share what Reiki is and how it can be used through out life. I speak to so many people everyday about Reiki and what has been brought to my attention is that Reiki really is an unknown practice and unintentionally misunderstood. Now I know that Reiki is a bit esoteric, a bit out there, and bit hard to understand, but I can't help but fully commit myself to this practice and feel called to share with you how I incorporate this practice in my life so I can bring more clarity and understanding into the light. Reiki has been a teacher to me, supportive to me, and I am passionate about it.

Reiki is a healing modality and practice that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. It accelerates the body's ability to heal physical ailments, opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and pain, inspires the necessity for taking responsibility of ones life and the joys of balanced wellness. This can be practiced daily on yourself or in a health and wellness setting with an experienced practitioner. It is a spiritual practice and a spiritual healing. Now to clear the air of 2 common misunderstandings before we move on to the bright and lovely truth about Reiki, many misunderstand Reiki thinking that it is a religion. This second misunderstanding catches me off guard, but I have run across a few who believe, only because they have not been introduced to Reiki, that is something to be feared. I don't even like to use that word "fear" when speaking of Reiki because that can't be further from the truth. It's one of the biggest judgements that I have heard of against Reiki since I have been practicing. Reiki is of light, Reiki is of love, and this judgement that Reiki is scary only stems from fear of the unknown. Nor is it a religion, but universal to all, from all walks of life, there is no separation or dogma. In fact many people who have practiced and received Reiki have said that it has given them a greater understanding of God, Universe, Spirit (call it whatever resonates) in their life, and for practitioners/students who are religious Reiki has grounded them even deeper in their religion or spiritual practice. For one's who were suffering Reiki has brought connection and pain relief. For those who are experiencing illness and dis-ease is has shed light and healing. Reiki is of the light and once you experience it you will be forever changed by the amount of love, light, and profound relaxation you feel. Rei means "universal" and KI means the vital life force energy which flows through all that is alive. Reiki truly is a great daily stress reliever.

Reiki comes to anyone who seeks it and to everyone for different reasons. Reiki the light, the energy, is an unseen, unspoken, divine teacher and each one of us learns what we need for our souls highest purpose. Even though there is a basic system and teaching to follow, as you develop your practice you will naturally use it in ways that are right for you and your purpose. My Reiki practice may look different than yours or how you may visualize your practice and that's ok because you and the Reiki Ray choose how it works for you. Here are a few ways that Reiki has enhanced my life and what my practice looks like. Remember you may visualize your practice looking different than mine but I can only share what and how it works for me in my life. Each person's practice is individual in how it manifest and evolves.

I start each day giving Reiki to myself as a practice of self love. I end each day with this practice. This practice is affirming to me that I love myself and that I am worth the time it takes to heal myself. It especially helps to support myself through the anxiety and worry that I have come up in my life everyday.

When I am having a hard time quieting my mind I use Reiki

When I am having trouble sleeping I give myself Reiki and usually fall right asleep

My children get to receive Reiki. Thankfully I am able to help support them through the challenges that being teenagers have presented them, school stress, social stress, confidence issues, and the realities of life. Although we have discussions about these issues, Reiki gives them unconditional love and support within the spaces that words don't quite seem to help.

As a Healing Artist I use Reiki to go deeper in sessions

My plants and animals love Reiki and I use it to help nurture them

I cleanse my food and water with Reiki as gratitude and as an offering. Sending Reiki to your food can increase the vibration of your food providing more nourishment to your body.

Reiki helps speed up the healing process of wounds and recovery from injuries, sickness, and surgery. My hands are always willing and ready to be there in these type of situations to my family and friends.

It's a great natural pain reliever. I use it often to treat my pain.

In emergency situations I use Reiki to calm myself and others.

I send Reiki to help support and heal any situation in my past, present, or future.

I affirm my prayer with Reiki symbols.

If I feel like I need extra protection from a situation or in my life I use Reiki

I use Reiki in my Yoga practice and in my life to help me relax through restrictions and uncomfortable sensations that come up.

I am able to contribute Reiki from a distance directly to events and victims of school shootings, national crisis, world wide events where people or the earth are effected. This makes me feel good that I can be apart of something or situations that need love and support especially when it's impossible to be there supporting these events physically.

There is so much physical destruction and abuse going on to our planet earth and doing Reiki has afforded me the opportunity to lay my hands on the earth and send Reiki to help support her through this insanity we humans inflict on her.

When I see an accident or emergency I send Reiki

When I sit with the dying in hospice care I give them Reiki. It helps to ease anxiety of the unknown. It helps to ease their pain. It comforts them. It relaxes them. It gives them peace.

I send Reiki to the ones who have just passed to help them through their transition into transformation.

I could go on and on how Reiki can be used in everyday life to support yourself and loved ones. Reiki has taught me to be more present with myself and how to hold space and be present when working with clients. Reiki has helped me to love and forgive myself and others. It's powerful!! I think it's important to mention that this is not a hard practice. Once it's apart of you and with daily practice it becomes second nature and just flows through your life. It a beautiful practice and I have so much gratitude for the love, healing, and profound changes it has brought to my life. My wish is that we all get to experience love, connection, wholeness, and truth in our life time. May peace prevail through us all.

Peace and Love,


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