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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Your Sacred Self



Is there a deep longing for something different, a feeling of not living the life that you should, or constantly seeking a more fulfilling relationship?  Do you feel broken down, victimized, emotionally overwhelmed with the state of the world. Maybe a feeling of being caught up in the rat race of everyday, stressed, tired, overworked, exhausted, anxious, and depressed. If you're feeling this you aren't alone. You're actually very in tune with the CHANGE that is being initiated upon humanity. These symptoms that you are feeling is the call of the Sacred Self.

There is a part of each being that is untouched by harm.The Sacred Self is the light that you are. It is your spiritual essence. Once truly embraced to the Sacred Self nothing can take this part of you out of your sovereignty. It's the part of you that is in touch with purpose and truth. The part of you that is free from all distraction and corruption. It is sacred, unconditional, balanced, and divine. This part of you needs no healing or fixing. When aligned from this part of the self  there is a feeling of being held and an inner knowing that you are protected, and constantly supported by life.

This light ripples through every human being and influences strength, connection, confidence, peace, ease, and joy. It strengthens the health of all beings and the whole. The sacred self is fulfilled through living through purpose and knows that their purpose is in service to something meaningful. The sacred self has a sense of belonging that may not be limited to just the earth realm. This part of the self  is uplifting and supporting. When connected to the Sacred Self spirit is infused in every aspect of  life and in every thing seen and done. This connection changes the way one lives within themself and within the world. 

From conception humans are influenced by conditioning and are expected to live up to expectations, roles within the family and within society. Much of the conditioning and expectations are in your blood and bones through ancestral lines. Most of us subscribe to what the collective tells us to be and the media is constantly inputting information in our minds down to how we should look and dress to be accepted. All these experiences have strayed humans away from knowing the Sacred Self and living in authenticity leaving many living a life that doesn't feel aligned with purpose, truth, love, and dreams. 

Coming back to the Sacred Self is a process of deepening into self love. Self love at the surface looks like doing nice things for oneself. Looking nice, going to the spa, getting hair and nails done, treating yourself to something indulgent, and buying a new car are just a few examples of this. Then it deepens into taking care of health and wellness, eating healthy foods, taking care of personal needs, taking care of the physical body, and asking for help and support. These are all very loving acts of kindness.

There is an even deeper layer that is uncharted in many inner landscapes. This layer is often hidden in the unconscious or  pushed away and rejected. Touching into this layer takes an open heart and full on dedication and commitment to an inner devotion to heal. There is a great deal of reflection that happens during this process and the motivations, conditions, self harming beliefs that have been in control and have been running the show begin to surface. It's a beautiful unfolding to discover the ways that one may become a victim to personal inner dialogue and harmful thoughts that the unconscious behaviors based on past expectations and conditioning have imprisoned one in. This is not an easy process and takes courage. It is integral for liberation.This unfolding that I am writing about happens through the practice of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding and is truly a gift that is invaluable. Because the mind/body eventually becomes crystal clear one will whole heatedly know what they need at the core of their being and how to create it for themself.

The journey to the Sacred Self is the work of the healer and there is a healer within each person The healer within takes responsibility for themselves, their thoughts, emotions, and energy. The healer learns to live in the world with a mindful awareness and understanding how their energy affects their life and affects the whole. Delving into the inner landscape with safety and support can be the best teacher of self awareness and energy alchemy. This work is an undoing and it's not for the faint of heart. I mention this again, it takes dedication and commitment and it doesn't happen overnight.  

Are you ready to break free from the burdened chains, find inner peace, wholeness, live in alignment with love, and deepen your connection with truth and purpose? If so I'm writing this for you. This is the path to the heart and your call to come home to your Sacred Self. 

If you hear the call please join my next months workshop Devotion to the Sacred Self or work with me one on one through somatic bodywork and energy work sessions. I am available for in person and remote appointments. 


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